30 Alternative Uses For Breast Milk

If you prefer not to use or consume your milk, other than use it for your baby and you find that you have more than you can manage, you can always freeze it for later or donate it.

29: Donate it: There are many women who are unable to produce milk for a number of reasons to feed their babies, so why waste it. From cuts and scrapes to boosting immunities, fighting infections, and soothing skin. This can be a wonderful gift.

Last but not least, did you know that you can make a unique piece of jewelry out it it?

30. Jewelry: Yes. Breast milk jewelry exists too, to commemorate this special time with your baby. Some may find this extraordinarily beautiful whilst others will not be able to grasp the concept of seeing a mother wearing a piece of jewelry with her milk from the time she fed her child.

This milk is such a precious commodity, why would you want to waste it. .

Disclaimer: These are purely suggestions for use. These do not replace medical advice. Please seek appropriate medical assistance where required.

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