12 Ways To Have a Quicker, Shorter Labor

Don’t Birth On Your Back!

One of the worst positions to labor in is lying down – the pelvis is closed off and the body doesn’t have the power of gravity to push baby down.

During labor, walking around and squatting help the baby move down into the birth canal and allow gravity to assist with speeding up the process. Although it’s not always possible, try and remain as active as possible during labor to decrease its length.

Here is an article on 10 Reasons Not To Birth On Your Back


Position, Position, Position

The optimal position for delivery is occiput anterior – basically bum up, head down, their spine facing your stomach.

If your baby is breech, sideways, transverse or posterior it can slow the labour or cause complications because the baby can’t press down on the cervix correctly. If you know your baby isn’t in the best position, I highly recommend visiting Spinning Babies for advice on baby positioning.


Uterine Muscle Exercises

The uterus is made of muscles – and these muscles need to be at their best to push your baby out successfully. Like all muscles, you can work them in a variety of ways to increase their tone and strength.

It’s best to work them in some way a minimum of once per day. The two best ways are kegel exercises and orgasms (either by yourself or with a partner.) Both of these also help your pelvic muscles stay toned so you have less issues with ‘accidents’ after baby is born!

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  1. Belinda says:

    I was induced for my boy, overdue about 2weeks. Traumatized.
    One thing I was annoyed about later is the midwives encouraged me to get in a bath during early stages. This then slowed my labour right down and they said oh yeah that happens sometimes. I was so very annoyed! I wanted to have a water birth and now it meant I needled all these other stronger methods requiring constant monitoring in a bed.


    1. D says:

      I wasn’t induced but received the same advice and same outcome,I have in my birth plan this time that I don’t want to be offered the pool until I am at least 7cm this time.Although I am hoping to manage to stay home until well in established labour this time so hopefully it won’t be such an issue.

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