When Will I Go Into Labor? 25 Signs Baby’s Coming

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  1. Darya says:

    not to use it during pncangrey. I tried many things to get my baby to come and she wouldn’t. She was a day overdue. I am not sure if anything will actually work, but I do know some things you can try.Red raspberry tea. Drink 1 quart a dayBlue CohoshSquawvine also called partridgeberryDo not try castor oil. My sister tried this and all it did was give her bad diarrhea.Try walking and squatting, but don’t wear yourself out. You are going to need lots of energy for labor.Good luck!

    1. Charity says:

      I’ve tried drinking 1whole Qourt of cranberry juice cocktail but it did not work I’m in labor right now and I’m having a contraction right wish me luck I think it is active labor cuz it is very strong

    2. Charity says:

      I am in labor Right now wish me luck what’s the best thing to do walk around my home or what

  2. fel says:

    I was 16, uneducated and impatient..at 33 weeks i drank 4 oz of mineral oil.14 hours later i was holding my daughter anna.7 lbs even and completely healthy

    1. Tracy says:

      is mineral oil bad for the baby?

  3. Nickey says:

    Saturday I will be fourty weeks pregnant. I am highly uncomfortable with a active siatic nerve on my lower back plus I suffer from scoliosis. I been dealing with sevear pelvic pain , it feels like my vagina and pelvic bones r broken. I been walking trying to bring on my labor nothing has been working. I get out of breath and sweat like crazy. My legs n feet swell after wards.I’m always so tired and drained, its hard to get stuff around the house done bending over and lifting things is unbearable. I have tightening in my mid stomach and lower stomach near my hips. There are also days I feel nauseous, I dont know wht to do anymore.

  4. Jennifer Doxakis says:

    Fel, there is no way you delivered a 7lb baby at 33 weeks. Baby would have been less than 5 lbs. Castor oil does nothing but give you the worst explosive diarrhea

    1. Leeanah says:

      Actually she could have had undiagnosed gestational diabetes? I’m 34 weeks with baby number three and he is weighing in at 3420 grams currently. Roughly 7 pound 11/12

      1. Malissa says:

        At 33 weeks the lungs would not have been mature and the baby would have needed a long time in the nicu. If she had untreated gestational diabetes the baby would have required even more care. It’s more likely that she was wrong on her dates and was closer to 37 weeks, esp since she admits she was uneducated.

        1. elisha says:

          I delivered my first son at 34 weeks and he weighed 5lb 13oz, so he was almost 6lbs! My other son was born at 36 weeks and weighed 5lb 14oz. Every baby is different. Neither of my boys needed oxygen or a nicu stay. They both came home with me after 2 days

    2. katy says:

      im only 32 and baby in the womb is 5lbs he is long and big its possible and i weigh only 150 pounds it depends on the baby some baby’s are big

      1. KCoop says:

        Actually there is no way they can tell the actual weight of the baby inside the womb. I was told my full pregnancy from the 5 month ultrasound on that my baby would weigh more than 8 lbs she ended up only weighing 6lbs 15 oz. and the other person is right there is no way she was 33weeks she was probably even more than 37 weeks for it to be 7lbs. she was young so I’m sure did not know the true conception date.

    3. Amber says:

      It can happen my daughter was born at 35 weeks and was 8lb 7pz I did have GD thou.

    4. Chelsey says:

      She actually could have had a 7lb baby at 33 weeks. At my 30 week appointment I was told my son was already 4 1/2lbs.

    5. Megan says:

      My baby was 6lb 13oz at 34w… So yes, its possible to have a 7 pounder. May have had gestational diabetes too

    6. Shay says:

      Yes as every baby is different my son was exactly 2montbs and 4 days early he weighted 7 pounds 14oz

    7. Christina says:

      It is possible. At 34 weeks my baby was already 7.4lbs.
      She may have diabetes or just having a bigger than average baby.

    8. Sabrina says:

      It’s possible.. I had 5 children all over 10lbs. With my son I was induced @37-38 wks due to his weight… Came in at 10lbs8ozs & healthy. No diabetes.

  5. sam says:

    I used Castro oil 6 hrs later I had my son

  6. Amanda says:

    SEX – I was a week overdue with my first child, I had several people tell me that sex would help start labor. Ha – sex was the last thing in the world I was interested in being a week overdue. But my doctor did confirm that semen helps to soften things up getting the womb ready for labor. It worked, started contractions the less than 10 hours later.

  7. Latricia says:

    I used castor oil when I was 39 weeks with my first son and it gave me horrible Braxton hicks and I was in the bathroom for hours. I also drunk Red raspberry tea at 38 weeks and 5 days and nothing happened. I ended up getting induced at 40 weeks with both of my boys. Now I am expecting my daughter we are just planning on being induce since I have never dilated past one on my own.

    1. Susannah says:

      Hi Latricia,

      40 weeks is quite early to decide that you’re unable to dilate. A normal pregnancy can go up to 42 weeks. Many women don’t experience dilation, effacement or baby engaging until the beginning of spontaneous labor.

      1. Jessica says:

        Susannah that is not true my pregnancy is healthy and normal Im 36 weeks and dialtrd to 1 cm

        1. Susannah says:

          Jessica, you’ll notice I said many. It’s also possible to be 1-4cm dilated for weeks or months before labor.

      2. Clementine says:

        Hi Latricia,

        A normal birth can go up to 42 weeks. I had it when i got my first son and successfully delivered normal.

  8. aklima says:

    Could a 33 week mother dilate

    1. Susannah says:


      A woman can start to dilate at any time during pregnancy; women who’ve had previous pregnancies may be dilated for a good part of their pregnancy. Other women may not dilate till labor starts.

      Dilation doesn’t necessarily mean labor will happen soon. It could start tomorrow, or months from now.

  9. lucy says:

    I was born at 28 weeks and went home the same day and weighed 6.75 pounds and perfectly healthy. I’m 37 weeks pregnant now and my baby boy weighs around 8.75 pounds according to last week’s ultrasound. I have almost all of the labor approaching signs tho.! I’m also dilating already!

  10. Sondra says:

    I’m pregnant with my second child and due in 2 weeks I’m 2 cm dialated with my first one by this time I was 6 cm dialated and went up to 8 cm dialated before I went into labor I walked around for 2 months dialated so it’ all depends on the person n what ur body does every pregnancy is diff especially person

  11. Lacey says:

    I’m 35w 3d with mono/di twins and woke up puffy-faced, feet extra puffy tonight, got a dizzy spell and have been puzzling over having a runny nose the past few days despite not feeling like I’m getting a cold/am sick. Will be interesting to see if these are indeed signs of impending labour! (Minor lower back pain at times, the past maybe couple weeks, but no obvious contractions.) Will post an update soon!

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