Castor Oil for Labor Induction | Studies, Taste, Dosages, Side Effects

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  1. Laura says:

    I took castor oil at 38+5 around 18:00 hours I had a few niggles in the night but nothing to keep me awake, I then took one more spoonful the following morning to which contractions started stronger straight away. I had bad diarhoea and my little boy was born the following night at 00:28 hours at a healthy 8lb 13oz, it was a perfect home birth.. I did poo in labour and I was very aware and embarrassed about it.. I’m currently 36 weeks with my third baby and contemplating trying it again in a few weeks

  2. Elyse says:

    Thank you for this article. Every forum I stumbled across had the negative posters. I love that your article details the good and bad that could happen as well as facts-supported by studies.
    Take care!

  3. Laura says:

    Sorry to jump on but I’ve been in hospital for 5days due to induction my induction started on Tuesday and I’ve had 3 pessarys. But had contractions for 2nights but not dilated just softened my cervix a little I now have to wait 48hours on bed rest cause of the hormones of the tablets before I can start my next dose but if that doesn’t work they want to discuss c-section which I really don’t want to happen not with my first anyway due to it been a major operation and having a scar on my uterus if I take castor oil have I got a good chance of having my little girl shortly to avoid c-section?

  4. Rebecca says:

    I am 36 weeks pregnant, I haven’t been checked to see if I have dilated any. I am looking to try castor oil on my 37 week. Any recommendations. This is my second baby, I am really over this pregnancy already I been in n out of the hospital with contractions. I am just ready to have him already.

    1. brittany says:

      did you end up drinking it at 36 I am 36 now and want this baby out as well it worked with my daughter but i was 41 weeks hope you can help me out thanks

  5. Chasaddy says:

    I’m 40 weeks 2 days. I took castor oil at 9am and I’ve only gotten up 3 times to go to the bathroom. I was constipated my entire pregnancy so this actually kinda helped my problem. I’m currently having contractions and cramping but nothing too significant to be able to go in. My OB won’t induce me til I’m 43 weeks so my husband and I decided we would try everything. I’m still within the 24 hour time frame so I’m hoping it works. We tried just about everything else so this is our last resort or I’m carrying til I’m dangerously over due. Contractions started at midnight for me, but they are just kinda annoying nothing I can’t handle. I’ve been in labor 4 times and the doctors medically stopped it because I wasn’t 40 weeks so now I’m desperate to start it again. I never see posts about using castor oil that is recent so I wanted to share my experience so far with it. I hope this helps someone who is in the same situation as me. I’ll update as soon as something more happens if it does but I do know it dosent work on everyone.

  6. Jasmine Caston says:

    Hi you guys! I am currently 39weeks 3days pregnant. I am dilated 1cm barely effaced. Do you think castor oil will work for me?

    1. Bri says:

      Did it ever end up working? I’m 39w4d and I’ve taken it about 5 hours ago and have gone to the bathroom twice already with diarrhea, but no contractions every 3-5 minutes or anything. Did you ever do it? How quickly did it kick in? Please share your story with me if you did it then.

  7. amyjaytee says:

    Hi I’m 40+4 and very uncomfortable 🙁 I’m about try castor oil for the second time in this pregnancy, tried at 38 weeks to no avail unfortunately. Going to try 2tbsp this time, just hoping it works this time round as I’m booked in for my membrane sweep on Wednesday and really don’t fancy having that done! Basically I’m just wondering if any other ladies have tried earlier in pregnancy for it not to work but then tried again once over due and it has worked? Tia 🙂

  8. lorraine says:

    im 36+6 weeks pregnant i want to try castor oil is it safe

  9. Theresa says:

    I’ve had 3 previous births with midwives and one of them I took castor oil with. Never had any complications.. This pregnancy I wasn’t able to have a midwife due to a limitation placed on them by area hospitals but also now this pregnancy I was also hit with gestational diabetes which I found out 2 weeks ago I had. I’m now 37 weeks pregnant got checked today cervix is very soft but no dilation, are there any studies showing an negative side effects for women with gestational diabetes and it Pre eclampsia and inducing labor with castor oil? I’m so ready to be done with this, I feel the longer he’s inside the harsher the environment is for him. Any help?

  10. Jacqulene says:

    Hello I have taken Castor oil to induce my labor I have taken 2 table spoons at 6 p.m. no poo just gas and burping a few contractions baby moving a lot…It’s been 24 hours no baby just gas and cramping. Should I take more ?

  11. Joanna says:

    38 weeks scheduled for my c-section in 12 days. Have seen so many ups and downs to castor oil that I had to try! Just took about two table spoons mixed in with a little soda. Held my nose and other than the oily feeling didn’t taste much at all. Dr. Said the baby was full term and healthy, so I’m ready. I’ll let ya know how/if anything works for me

    1. Joanna says:

      Well nothing happened last night I didn’t even have to use the restroom. Ate breakfast, had a glass of water and finally at least used the bathroom. Took another dose of about two able spoons mixed with oj this time….. Waiting again now

  12. Mel says:

    I am 38 weeks and 3 days. I tried Castor Oil, taking 2-3 tablespoons mixed with orange juice. I had minor cramping about 6 hours later. Other than that it did not work for me 🙁

  13. Brandi says:

    I am 38 weeks pregnant with my third child and im so tired. I’ve been really sceptic about the castor oil and have been reading alot about it. so today around 4:30 this evening. I took 2 tablespoons. So now i’m just sitting and waiting for the outcome. I’ll get back to you later and let you know the status.

  14. courtney says:

    Im 38+5 weeks i took 2 teaspoons last night at 8pm and nothing not even using the bathroom so today ive taken 2 tablespoons and still nothing a little bit of gas but nothing else and baby is moving alot what else can i try my midwife told me that the baby was engaged.

  15. Lucy Myerz says:

    Carrot cake worked for me (and is MUCH more pleasant than castor oil)! Here’s my recipe: http://www.lucymyerz.com/2015/06/week-past-your-due-date-carrot-cake.html.

    Good luck!

  16. mel says:

    I’m 34+4 weeks and Iv been in and out of hospital with irritable uterus contraction. For the past month n half mybaby girls head is engaged. And she cause quite intense pain. I’mlooking at taking castor oil. Will this help speed things along bbecause I can’t stand the pain any longer.

  17. Sirena says:

    Hi there..im here to say it works great. My mom came to see me at almost 38wks. The doc wanted to induce me but i did not want it. So my mom brought the castor oil and wow..great stuff. I took the whole little bottle at 12pm, showered, did my hair and make up then went for a 20min walk. By 2pm my system was completely cleaned out and contractions where 10min apart. I got to the hospital at 5pm and my baby was born at 10:15pm. 3 pushes and he was out. Doctors look at you like you are crazy for doing it but i find the idea of being hooked up to machines and posible surgery crazy. Maybe its just me. Lol.

  18. Sarah says:

    I am almost 39 weeks and my midwife told me to take 2 oz.s of castor oil. After an hour I threw up very violently the whole day’s food. Apparently some stayed down because I have had diarrhea for several hours, the bottle said it would take 5 hours to work but that was not the case for me. I haven’t had any bad cramping from the oil but I thought it smelled bad like a boat engine. I drank it without mixing it with anything and the thickness made it hard to get down my throat. Hoping I go into labor soon!

  19. crystal dale says:

    I am 40 weeks + 5 days . Both my previous pregnancies were born at 38 and 39 weeks naturally so decided to give in and try castor oil. Had a stretch and sweep yesterday and only had spotting and lost m ucus plug but nothing . Had 2 tablespoons of castor oil with orange juice today at 2 pm now 845 pm and nothing but few bad farts so hoping the side affects missed me and put me into labour once going to bed . Also going to insert a primrose oil capsule into cervix overnight because will help ripings cervix. I was 3cm dialated yesterday hoping this works any one else have progress after 24 hours as nothing happened yet and i am getting impatient.

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