Castor Oil for Labor Induction | Studies, Taste, Dosages, Side Effects

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  1. Sirena says:

    Hi there..im here to say it works great. My mom came to see me at almost 38wks. The doc wanted to induce me but i did not want it. So my mom brought the castor oil and wow..great stuff. I took the whole little bottle at 12pm, showered, did my hair and make up then went for a 20min walk. By 2pm my system was completely cleaned out and contractions where 10min apart. I got to the hospital at 5pm and my baby was born at 10:15pm. 3 pushes and he was out. Doctors look at you like you are crazy for doing it but i find the idea of being hooked up to machines and posible surgery crazy. Maybe its just me. Lol.

  2. Sarah says:

    I am almost 39 weeks and my midwife told me to take 2 oz.s of castor oil. After an hour I threw up very violently the whole day’s food. Apparently some stayed down because I have had diarrhea for several hours, the bottle said it would take 5 hours to work but that was not the case for me. I haven’t had any bad cramping from the oil but I thought it smelled bad like a boat engine. I drank it without mixing it with anything and the thickness made it hard to get down my throat. Hoping I go into labor soon!

  3. crystal dale says:

    I am 40 weeks + 5 days . Both my previous pregnancies were born at 38 and 39 weeks naturally so decided to give in and try castor oil. Had a stretch and sweep yesterday and only had spotting and lost m ucus plug but nothing . Had 2 tablespoons of castor oil with orange juice today at 2 pm now 845 pm and nothing but few bad farts so hoping the side affects missed me and put me into labour once going to bed . Also going to insert a primrose oil capsule into cervix overnight because will help ripings cervix. I was 3cm dialated yesterday hoping this works any one else have progress after 24 hours as nothing happened yet and i am getting impatient.

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