20 Foods & Drinks For Labor | What To Eat

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  1. Sarah Snow says:

    My Doula and a midwife both say that red raspberry tea from the actual Raspberry plant needs to be avoided until after birth. My midwife is also a botanist and has studied the effects of plants on humans for over 20 years. I was very surprised that you suggested that pregnant women should consume something potentially dangerous. I love red raspberry tea and was extremely disappointed when I was told that I couldn’t drink it during pregnancy.
    I would also maybe suggest that “sick day” foods be left out. When I or my husband are sick we go for the extremely fatty, overly processed foods like chips and pizza or high in sugar foods like candy bars and soad. The only time we do traditional sick day foods is if we have food poisoning and literally cannot keep our comfort Foods down. I asked a couple of other family members what they ate on their sick days and I got pretty close to the same answer. It might confuse some readers because their version of sick day foods is different than other people’s versions.
    These are just suggestions and not ment to be overly critical of your wonderful information. I hope you are not offended by my comments. Thank you for reading them and understanding that I am just a pregnant concerned modern woman, like yourself at some point I would imagine, looking for new ideas for labor.

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