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My Period Is Late | How Do I Bring On or Induce A Period?

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  1. priya says:

    Hi, dis is priya i’m having 2kids n later i hav don laser family planning operation bt nw I hav missed my periods fr last 2mnths i hav taken pregnancy test also n d ans ws negative… plz any1 cngiv me solution…

    1. Ash says:

      PriyA… hi there, I am also in the same boat as you. I had a tubal ten years ago after having my last child. now I have missed my period , 2 months… took 6 HPT… all NEGATIVE! please help. did you find anything out yet? im scared!

      1. shiny says:

        You can take a birth contrl pill. Also get yourself checked by a gynac for certain conditions like Polycystic Ovaries/uterus. Destressing and Sex can also help. Hope the post helps you guys!;)

      2. Diana says:

        This is not abnormal. Of it concerns you talk to your doctor but having some surgeries like these can cause early menopause. As well, it is important to note that a woman is menopausal when she has not hard her period for a year. It can take many years for a woman to be menopausal and the body and cause menopause gradually. Do not be alarmed but talk to your doctor.

    2. zee says:

      Please my girl friend have same problem of delayed periods before 2 and half months……please tell me if you have any effective method to induce periods…..

  2. rahul says:

    sex is also a method to induce periods
    have an intercourse with your partner it will help you out

  3. anamika meena says:

    In month of january I have taken medicine of period shift……but this my periods are not coming…. My periods are 4 days late…………help me out….

  4. aly says:

    hi .. i am almost 3 months delayed. i didn’t have any sexual intercourse. im so afraid of what’s happening. i am experiencing my pms every month but nothing comes out .. please help ..

    1. Ree says:

      The same thing is happening to me to

    2. Um says:

      Same case, except I am 2 months late. What dd you do then? Any helpful solutions?

  5. Joslin says:

    I’m just wanting some information I’ve searched and searched. And one not satisfied with my answer my nipples are always itching around that time of month I’m just wondering what causes my body to react that kind of way. And when I go to scratch them they are so sore around the nipple area and the nipple itself.. anyone with information would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

  6. abg says:

    I have had sex multiple times in the past month and taken ipill twice. My periods are delayed for almost a week now. I have taken a pregnancy test and it’s negative.
    Please help.

    Thank you.

    1. faz says:

      You should go for blood test

    2. liz says:

      Don’t worry. Consuming I pill can delay ur periods from 1 week to 3. Mine was 45 days late. I even consulted a doc.

    3. kiran says:

      hi,possiblity yes coz the pills do not protect 100% and must have been taken within 72 hours after sex so lets hope for the best.

  7. mrs nair says:

    Please have hot milk with turmeric two times a day that really helps

  8. Emma says:

    Hello, I had my first period in February of 2015 and my second one is late, im a teen so I am not pregnate. I am having heavy discharge at the moment and I wanna know when my period will start again.

    1. Cherabelle says:

      It sometimes takes a few years for your period to come every month. I wouldn’t worry too much. 🙂

    2. kimberly says:

      I’m a month late, I was on the depo shot (birth control) and it was my first shot I was on my period for 2 months during the shot, and I Missed my second shot Feb 28th, because I didn’t like how I was on my period for so long. I haven’t had my period in over a month it was suppose to be May 5th, and I’m worried. I know stress is the cause of missed menstruals

      1. Autie says:

        When I started my drop shot I had a period ever 5-7 months. I was on it for 3 years when I got pregnant and I got my depo shot every 3 months religiously.

    3. Anon says:

      Hi Emma 🙂 it’s normal to have irregular periods for the first few years. I know some people who got their second period five to six months after their first there’s no need to worry about it.

      1. Bernice says:

        Hi anon I have some questions for you ! My name is bernice and I’m 13 I’m on my 10th period now I started on the end of September 2014 and lately I’ve some late and discharges is this normal? It hasn’t been a year yet! & I’ve never been sexually active! Pls help?!

    4. Unknown says:

      I have only had a couple and they are stretched out I started in March. I started to get it regularly and then it was early once and ended like ten days later. Now I haven’t had on in like 3 months. I’m kinda young and have never had sex. People tell me that it will not be regular for like a year or two so I think we are good.

    5. liz says:

      Emma, you need not worry. The second period sometimes take an year to come. Mine took 7 months. It’s just normal.

  9. shreyanshi says:

    I have my periods missing this month pls advice me some tips to get them .I am too much worried about that

  10. melodi says:

    I was late 1 week and worried. What I did is before I went to bed I drunk a warm glass of milk with 3 table spoon of turmeric powder and a spoon of sugar. All night applied a hot pad on abdomen area. In the morning i crushed 2 of 81mg aspirins with sugar, and added honey and drank that. Boom! 2 and half hours later i got my period! I highly recommend.

    1. rainiii says:

      @melody is that really effective.i wanna try it. my period is 1wk late already and im really worried.

      1. Andrea says:

        Hi had you tried it and it was effective? I am 2 weeks late also of my period and i am not pregnant I already had a pregnancy test but all are negative…I will try this also tonight hope it work to me..

    2. Yolandie says:

      3 x Table spoons?? Im gonna try it tonight. Just want to double check on 3 x Table spoons, as other sites say a pinch of turmeric with hot milk

    3. Gracie says:

      If you’re possibly pregnant do you think you would still get a period after doing all that or will it do anything

      1. Susannah says:


        You cannot have a period if you are pregnant (although some women experience decidual bleeding which looks like a period). These things only work (or help) if you are not pregnant.

        1. danyiela says:

          am pregnet and my mom wants to make me some type of tea to make my period start cuz am two weeks pregnet will it work ?
          I don’t want to loose my baby but am young how can I get that out of my system if she makes me drink it

    4. jamila says:

      oh thanks for helping me cuz I was worried about my period it was missing 1 month ago thanks for helping

      1. Cassandra says:

        woah, me too!

    5. nami says:

      I’ll try it. hope it works also on me

  11. Sallu says:

    I’m 30 days late
    And not pregnant.
    What could it be?

  12. Sydney says:

    Okay my period was supposed to start a few days ago, and nothing. I had sex March 14, and my period was the week before. I’ve never been late before so I’m FREAKING OUT. I’ve taken 2 pregnancy tests, both turned out negative. I really have no clue what to do. PLEASE help.

    1. trudy says:

      sydney.. im sailing in your boat. had sex a week after my period(four weeks ago). was expecting my period on the 22nd April .im six days late and im freaking out.. did you end up seeing yours??

      1. Nicoxia says:

        Hi Trudy and April, I am actually what you had experienced. I had sex a week after my period last month and now I am 3days delayed. Did you get your period or am I possibly pregnant. Please help. Thanks!

  13. grase says:

    Im 1 week delayd what should i do? Help me.

  14. Jenny says:

    So I’ve had my last period in Oct and then November up till today I’ve not had a signal period; finals week was in December and then tax season started. I’ve been taking Vitex since March and still no period. This exact same time last year I didn’t have a period when I was planning a wedding, college student and tax season! I’ve been trying ginger, heat pad and nothing has helped! Do you have any idea what could be wrong?!? I think it’s stress! I’ve taking 10 pregnancy tests and they were all negative …

  15. Ari says:

    My period is also late and I have taken about 4 tests all negative and doctor doesn’t think I need to worry – they also did a test for me. My last period I got about 9 days early, however the week before that I took Plan B, so I believe it could have been related to that, although I’ve never had that happen when I took the pill before. I have also had quite a bit of consistent discharge up until a couple days ago, very confusing. Best advice would be to see your doctor if you are worried, and don’t stress as stress will only postpone your period further

  16. anon. says:

    Ive seen everyone’s post and some of you are complaining about a week or a few weeks late. I haven’t had my period in five months. And I’m not pregnant. I am underage, but I went to the doctor and I have an appointment in two moths which is horrible timing. Two months? Can’t you see some things wrong. Shit

  17. sarah says:

    I had sex on the 17th and period was due on the 20th and it still hasnt turned up….. tried stuff like honey and warm water,green tea and vitamine c like oranges and nothing is working…. starting to get really worried D: please can someone help me woth advice!!!

  18. Taylor says:

    I am 5 days late. I tried having sex and drinking lots of vitamin C to induce it, even putting a heating pad on my pelvic area. but i am still late. When we had sex none of out condoms broke so i dont know what is wrong. PLEASE HELP!

  19. megan says:

    i need advice im not pregnant im a day or so late for my period and have a trip next week and i need advice on how to start ive tried everything

  20. berry says:

    My period haven’t been on since 30 days and I been having female discharge what should I do I have it come on. Help please

  21. Ana says:

    I haven’t had a period for maybe 4 months now. I’ve always been irregular but it’s never taken this long to have a period. I have never had sex so pregnancy is not a possibility. Help, please!

    1. Ash says:

      Hi I wanted to ask if you’ve had your period yet or not because my periods are also irregular but they are very heavy and it’s been 3 months since last I had my period also I’m 15 and never had sex I started my periods when I was 11-12 so they should be starting to become more regular. :”(

  22. Nicoxia says:

    Hi. I haven’t had my period yet.. it has already been delayed for 2days. Can I possibly be pregnant?

  23. Pallavi Ranjan says:

    My period delayed by 7day. I took registron to bring my periods bt still its not there . I don’t want to get pregnant plz. Help me what to do.

  24. Jennyx says:

    Is feosol helpful for delayed menstruation?

  25. Me says:

    I have only had my period 2 times and June 19th I was supposed to start back and it never happened… Here it is Wednesday I’m a little scared I don’t want to tell my mom I’m only 11 and never had sex what do I do? I’m not pregnant

  26. Crystal says:

    Hi, I’m crystal and I’m 16. My mom is pregnant and I haven’t had my period in 2 months. Is it possible for my mom to mess up my cyle because of her pregnanc?

  27. nelly says:

    Hi I’m nelly I am 10 days late never ever missed a period before only when I was pregnant but I am operated for 7 yrs now I’ve done pregnancy test and it’s all negative really worried any advice would help ty

  28. erica says:

    I am 2 weeks and some odd days late to get my period. I have been breastfeeding my now 13 month old . I’ve only had 2 periods this was going to be my third. During the two months that I did have my period he did cut back on feedings due to being sick off and on during those months but then picked up again. We did have sex during last month so I know there is always a possibility of pregnancy but is it possible it’s more likely to be because of the breastfeeding?

  29. Casey says:

    Im 4 days late took the test came out negative but i havent started yet what can i do? What has worked and what has not?

  30. Kandy says:

    I wanted to know if you drink apple cider vinegar does it happen after a few hours or do you have to drink it for a few days.

  31. hannah says:

    ive been using this method for ages, im only 17 but this works for me every month! i use to google alot of methods to naturally be on on the day im due, as im the type of person to always be atleast a week later i combined 2 types of things together, first you need 1000mg of vitamin c supplemnts ( i use the dissolvable vitamin c or the tablets) or maybe you can use other types of vitamin c but it would be much much easier to take the whole dose in one, and the other is dong quai ive been ordering a pack of 30 small little supplements on ebay which i mix on the few days late in the morning afternoon and before bed i take 2 tabletswhich add to 2000mg of vitamin c and 2 supplements of dong quai which should also add up to 2000mg ( the dong quai i take is 1000mg) i hope this helps someone else the way it helps me, make sure the tablets are safe for you to use before using:)

  32. Sam says:

    Hi my periods are overdue almost week I feel all the time having period pain but achually there’s nothing no such stain i am worried plzzz anyone advice something. 🙁

  33. Ashley says:

    I haven’t had my period in almost a year. Every pregnancy test comes back negative. I’m bloated and have gained weight. I’ve been under a lot of stress, but it’s started to level out. Please. I’m so worried.

    1. Brenna says:

      I suggest seeing a doctor, as you might have some sort of medical problem. I know that incredibly late periods are a symptoms of Celiac, but its also symptoms for other issues. I suggest seeking medical help.

    2. Diana says:

      a woman is considered menopausal after she has not had a period for a year. I highly recommend talking to your doctor, even if you are an older woman semi-expecting this because menopause can affect how you are medically treated, especially in an emergency. If you are not an older woman this can be caused by many things including poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, low iron… it is best to just be well advised on what this means for you.

  34. Marwa Azab says:

    I have been there, I did a TEDx Women talk on this, hope you find it beneficial:

  35. Emma Lee says:

    I’m so scared I had my first period in March only one period and I still haven’t got my second one and its late November is this normal? And I’m just 13 so I’m definally not pregnant I’m still a virgin but plz help me is this normal?

  36. Destiny says:

    Hi I am 14 and my period is 6 months late Im not sexually active.:/ what do I do???:(

  37. Angela says:

    I started the Body by Vi shake mix diet about 2 months ago. My period came regular last month, but it’s at least a day late this time. I’ve also been taking Rasberry Keetones and Garcinia Cambogia. Do either of these cause periods to stop or be late? Kinda freaking out.

  38. Emmy says:

    I recently lost my virginity about a month ago, and I haven’t had my period since. I have had unprotected sex, multiple times, but he never ejactulated in me. Please, someone help. I know I might just be paranoid, but I can’t help it. I can’t take a pregnancy test either because I’m just 14, and telling my mom is terrifying just to think about.

    1. Sarakat67 says:

      Could you have an older friend take you to the store or get one for you?

  39. Alucia says:

    Hi its been 1year now i haven’t see my period i went to the doctor the doctor just tell me that they don’t know whats going on with me can yu please help caz I’m not pregnant i almost take 15 pregnant test please tell me which medicine can i use to bring back my period

  40. nicole reynes says:

    Hi.. Im 17.. and i have a daughter . She is 1yr and 9 months. After i gave birth to her my period got back when she is maybe six months.. and then after that i came back again when she is 1 yr old. Then another when she is 1 yr and 6 months. In short i only have 3 months of period after i gave birth.. why is it like that.. ? And i dont have sex life since i got pregnant until now..

  41. sneha says:

    I m 15 years old and I m suffering from irregular periods .sometimes there is a regular menstruation for 4-5 months and sometimes my body stops menstruating.what should I do? Please help.should I take some kind of medicines?

  42. Anon says:

    My period was due yesterday.. It’s important that it’s on time this month due to vacation plans, so the day prior I ate two jars of parsley and took 10,000mg of vitamin C. Nothing. 100% certain I’m not pregnant. Now parsley makes me want to vomit.

  43. Cassandra says:

    I am freaking out! i’ve been sick, and been really mad. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! I hope i start it, to keep the flow going. You know what i mean…hehehe
    this was very helpful thank you!

  44. Lisaa says:

    Hi, I have had sex about once every week with my husband but I’m late every month. In February I got my period on the 2nd, in March I got my period on the 6th, it is currently the 10th of April and I still haven’t got it. I am just about 100% sure I am not pregnant due to the signs I know I should look out for and negative pregnancy test. I’m just worried, someone help please?

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